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An Uber Driver Gave Away His Only Jacket To A Shivering Homeless Person At A Delhi Traffic Signal

So much to learn.

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It's rare to find someone stopping at a signal to give a second glance to a homeless person.

At a time when all of us are rushing -- to get to work, to hit the gym, to return home -- it's rare to find someone stopping at a signal to give a second glance at homeless people, leave alone helping them.

And in a city like Delhi, where there are around 33,000 homeless people, it's not a rare sight to find someone sitting on a pavement, shivering in cold. But how many of us really care?

Well, thankfully, there are still good people out there in the world who can teach us a few lessons.

Last week, Anirban Banerjee, a Delhi resident was on his way back home in an Uber, when his driver suddenly stopped the car and opened the rear door. Vivek Kumar, the driver pulled out his leather jacket and got back in his seat. Not being able to understand the situation, Banerjee said, ''kaafi thand ho gayi hai" (It's quite cold).

Without saying a word, the driver then rolled down his window, and gave away his leather jacket to a homeless person who was sitting on the pavement, wearing only a pair of trousers.

He then responded to Banerjee, ''Sach me Sir, kaafi thand hai.'' (True Sir, it's quite cold.)

When HuffPost India got in touch with Kumar, his first response was, "I didn't do anything great. This is normal. Everyone should be doing this."

Kumar said that was his only jacket to keep him warm. He had bought it three years ago from Srinagar when he used to drive touring cars.

"I don't have a jacket right now. But that person needed it more than me. He was sitting there holding his chest. It was a sight I couldn't see," he said.

40-year-old Kumar also teaches his two daughters, who are both in school, to act kind always.

"If there's someone who needs something more than you, give it to them. That's humanity," he said.

Kumar also keeps a box of coins with him in his car. "I give it to the disabled and old beggars," he said.

The 40-year-old said he doesn't believe in giving money to temple's donation boxes. "We don't know who it goes to," he said. He said, he would rather give it to those thousands of homeless if he could afford it.

"I will hopefully afford to buy a jacket in a few days," Kumar said.

This is Banerjee's Facebook post which has been shared nearly 200 times now.

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