13/12/2016 9:03 AM IST | Updated 13/12/2016 9:56 AM IST

Gujarat Man's Pakistani Wife And In-Laws Not Allowed To Enter Kutch

They had to stay in the nearest district from Kutch.

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India and Pakistan's troubled relations is not news anymore. But stuck in the midst of the animosity between both the countries, is a man from Gujarat and his wife from Pakistan. According to the Times Of India, Altaf Paleja has a home in Bhuj, in the border district of Kutch. However, when his wife Sidra and her family, who are from Karachi, visited her husband eight months ago, they were denied entry.

Since Kutch is a border district, where the northern boundary of the Rann of Kutch forms the international border between India and Pakistan, it is a heavily guarded and patrolled area.

According to the report by TOI, they were granted visas on the condition that they could stay anywhere but in Kutch. The Pakistani family decided to then stay in Morbi, the nearest district to Kutch.

However, their problems did not end there. The family was refused accommodation because they had come from Pakistan, the TOI report mentions. Failing to rent a house in Morbi, they had to stay at a hotel. As mentioned by Paleja, things were not easy since his own family decided to join his in-laws.

It has ben eight months since that incident but the situation remains the same for the couple. Paleja is now preparing to get his wife and in-laws again, along with his six-month-old son, Muhammad Azaan.

Although Paleja has been informed by the office of the high commissioner of India in Pakistan that Sidra and family would get visas, they also said that the family would still not be allowed to enter Kutch.