13/12/2016 8:16 AM IST | Updated 13/12/2016 8:51 AM IST

Delhi BJP Will Give One Laddoo To Each Family For Patiently Waiting In Queues After Demonetisation

BJP's attempt to remove the bitter taste.

Laddoo - the popular Indian sweet !

A week ago, Prime Minister Narendra Modi likened demonetisation to a Hindu 'yagna' or sacrifice. "I salute the people of India for wholeheartedly participating in this ongoing Yagna against corruption, terrorism & black money," he had said.

Now, BJP leaders in Delhi have decided to reward people for participating in this 'yagna' by offering them a laddoo.

"Despite facing some inconvenience, people supported the move. Now, it is our turn to thank them and show our appreciation and respect for their patience," Delhi BJP chief Manoj Tiwari told The Indian Express, while praising the PM's revolutionary move.

To show 'appreciation and respect for their patience', BJP leaders have taken up the mammoth task of distributing one laddoo per family in every household in the city. They will be going from door to door from 1 January to 10 January.

"If people can stand in queues and not complain, can't we give them a laddoo as a token of our appreciation," Tiwari said.

The BJP leader didn't didn't quite clarify whether the laddoos will be provided by the state BJP, or the workers need to buy it themselves from shops.

Must say, Tiwari's confidence that a laddoo will be sweet enough for people to forget all the bitterness, is quite praiseworthy.

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