15 TV Commercials So Annoying That It Helped Them Become Popular

"Kya aap apni Dairy Milk ka chhota sa bite dengi?"

There you are, happily partaking of dinner in front of the television and along appears Hussain Kuwajerwala on the screen.

Armed with a mic, he storms into the toilet of a random household, spots the dirty stains on the commode and goes on to clean them. Pretty amusing, NOT.

Over the years, TV commercials have tested our patience and goodwill with their absurd, annoying jingles, slogans, and over-the-top acting. Remember Katrina in the overly sexual Slice ad?

Here's a list of television commercials that we wished came along with a skip button.

1. Dettol

[Board meeting]

Employee: Sir, I have got an idea for the jingle.

Boss: Go on...

Employee: Dettol Dettol Dettol Dettol Dettol Dettol Dettol Dettol

Boss: And?

Employee: Dettol Dettol Dettol Dettol Dettol Dettol Dettol Dettol Ho!

Boss: Brilliant!

2. Star HD

This campaign started out by being cute and nice until DABBA HAI DABBA UNCLE KA TV DABBA got stuck in our heads.

3. Harpic

Sandaz Apna Apna.

4. Airtel 4G

Airtel 4G girl will find you and waste your data because her network is obviously faster. (Friendly tip: Don't take up the challenge.)

5. Kent RO Purifier

Dream girl Hema Malini will convince you with 125 ads that Kent RO's water is sweeter than honey.

6. Idea!

IIT seats are always full. Take admission into IIN (Idea Internet Network) and build whatever you like. Drone? Meh. Easy-peasy.

7. Slice

I want someone to look at me like Katrina looks at a mango.

8. Gaana

If you're a cricket fan, this ad will haunt you during breaks.

9. Colgate

Kya aapke toothpaste mein namak hai?

10. Fogg

You know this ad has successfully ruined you when your friend asks you, "Kya chal raha hai?" and you end up saying, "Fogg."

11. Vimal Pan Masala

Ajay Devgn has been celebrating Vimal Pan Masala's 25th anniversary for the last 50 years.

12. Cadbury Dairy Milk

Random creepy dude walks up to a girl and asks for a bite of her chocolate for a "shubh aarambh". Like WTF??!!

13. Airtel My Plan

Okay, so you start valuing your dad because he's sharing his Internet plan with you? Good stuff.

14. Fair & Lovely

When we talk about annoying commercials how can we miss every Fair & Lovely "fairness" cream ad? I'd be lying if I said I never rolled my eyes while watching the already "fair" Yami Gautam turning into an LED bulb after applying the cream.

15. Rajnigandha

Yes, we all want to know this.

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