09/12/2016 2:33 PM IST | Updated 09/12/2016 3:03 PM IST

Here Are The 5 Best iOS And Android Games You Can Play Under 5 Minutes

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Hands of a casual man using a smartphone.

Last month, I started to play some non-serious games on both iOS and Android platform which were released and updated recently. These games are super fun to play when you have a few minutes of spare time. Here is the list.

Don't Grind

This is a very casual iOS game you can play in a couple of minutes of spare time. The goal is to keep the object you are controlling in the air and away from all the chainsaws which can kill it. In the process, you have to collect the stars. The controls are pretty simple where you can tap on the screen to keep the object afloat and swipe it left and right to move it. You get to unlock more characters as you collect more stars.

Archery King

This is a pretty fun game by a big casual game studio Miniclip. Centre of the game is to shoot the archery board and score the points. There are a couple of modes to be played. First one is the challenge mode. Where you have to score a target points within a limited number of shots.

Archer king

As you progress the shooting gets difficult with moving target and the wind. In the other modes, you have to compete with other players to win based on the number of points you score over three rounds. Although this game is old it has been updated recently with new features.

The Trail

The makers of the trail have made sure that the fairly graphics-rich nature of the game wouldn't hurt the simplicity of the play. You start your journey from a shipyard and walk along the path that leads to Eden Trails. Along the way, you collect the items by swiping and make things such as clothes, shoes, weapons out of them to give you money and advantage.

The Trail

The backdrop of the game is calm and the background music is pretty relaxing too. It would suit the needs of the casual gamers as well people who can play a game for hours as well. This game is available on iOS.

Faily Rider

The game, which is available on both iOS and Android, falls into the now classic category of endless gameplay. In the game, Phil Faily used to drive cars in the earlier version of the game but he uses the bike now. He has to ride down the hill avoiding the obstacles and collecting the coins. Those coins can be used to buy the new bikes and accessories. You can even destroy the obstacles by the shields and weapons you gain.

Faily Rider

Soccer Shootout

Love football in its sudden death format? This is where you would fulfil your fantasy of competing in more and more penalty shootouts. There would be daily challenges to complete as well. When you are playing your daily challenge or a multiplayer game, you'd have to compete on the both side of the games.

soccer shootout

While the graphics of the game are not super impressive the general gameplay is fun. Yet the shots turn out inaccurate pretty often in this Android game.