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Audience Refusing To Stand Up For National Anthem During Adult Movie Shows, Theater Owners Complain

"I love my country and I don’t need to display it at a time when I have come to watch an adult film."

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An Indian man passes a wall of a cinema displaying a poster of an adult movie in New Delhi.

Adult movie theaters in Kolkata are having a tough time getting their patrons to stand up while the National Anthem is played before the screening of movies in accordance with the Supreme Court directive issued last week.

Cinema owners in Kolkata toldThe Indian Express that their audience is refusing to stand up. Many people are not aware of the the Supreme Court directive and cinema halls do not have the staff to go around asking them to stand up, the newspaper reported. Some cinema owners area also contemplating getting help from the police to enforce the directive.

"Most people come here for pornographic entertainment and a majority belong to the poorer sections of society. How can one expect a crowd coming from a slum to watch Matric Pass 2 to stand while the national anthem is being played?" S.K. Jha, the booking clerk of Regal theatre, toldThe Indian Express.

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In response to a petition filed by a Bhopal-based retired engineer, the Supreme Court had issued directives for the National Anthem to be played before movie screenings across the country and for people to stand when it is played.

One patron of the adult movies in Kolkata asked why the Supreme Court is thrusting nationalism on people. "I love my country and I don't need to display it at a time when I have come to watch an adult film," the patron toldThe Indian Express.

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