09/12/2016 9:51 AM IST | Updated 09/12/2016 10:15 AM IST

BJP Brings Out Modi's 'Lucky Chair' In Kanpur, Hoping To Recreate 2014 Win

Game of thrones?

Hindustan Times via Getty Images

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched his campaign for the 2014 Lok Sabha polls in Kanpur, he sat on a wooden chair. He was addressing the first 'Vijay Sankhnad' rally which was his first pre-poll election meet as BJP's PM candidate. The party went on to win a whopping 71 seats out of 80.

Out of all the factors that contributed to the party's victory, the wooden chair was given importance. As reported by The Indian Express, the BJP leaders in Kanpur preserved that particular wooden chair in a glass chamber, that has been kept in the party's office for the last three years.

The chamber is a specially-designed case, made of unbreakable glass. It is 5.5-6 ft in length and 3 ft wide.

Not only the chair, but the glass tumbler from which PM Modi drank water has also been preserved along with a box containing Kanpur's famous 'Thaggu ke laddu', which was offered to him.

According to The Indian Express, after the PM's December 19 rally schedule was decided, the party leaders decided that the chair must be brought out and placed in the hall of the party office. Surendra Maithani, district president, told Express, "We believe that if the PM sits on the chair again at the 'Parivartan Yarta' rally, it will bring positive change for the party in 2017 elections and BJP will win the most number of seats."

The party plans to gather a crowd of at least five lakh for the rally, set to be held at Railways Ground in Nirala Nagar. Prayers have been offered at the ground and preparations have kicked in. The party workers are also distributing invitation cards to the youth by visiting educational institutions.