07/12/2016 1:27 PM IST | Updated 07/12/2016 4:45 PM IST

WATCH: Ranveer Singh Challenged Baba Ramdev To A Dance-Off And Instantly Regretted It


Aaj Tak/ Twitter

We all are well-acquainted with Baba Ramdev's kickass moves by now. So, when actor Ranveer Singh challenged him to a dance-off and the baba said he would only be able to do a yoga dance-off, we knew it was not going to end well for Singh. But did we know it was going to be this hilarious? Not really.

The Befikre star and the yoga guru were invited as guests to the Hindi news channel Aaj Tak's fifth edition of the conference, Agenda 16, where film stars, celebrities and politicians combine forces to come up with an agenda for the country.

This is what had happened -- Ranveer Singh went and challenged Baba Ramdev to the dance-off and said "Public ki demand hain, Babaji!" (It is the public's demand, Babaji!) The yoga guru laughed and said "Kushti kartein hain." (Let's wrestle.)

Aaj Tak/ Twitter

"Agar aap Babaji ka dance dekhna chahtein hain toh give me a Hell Yeah!" (If you want to see Babaji's dance, then give me a Hell Yeah!) said Ranveer Singh, not knowing what he was setting himself up for.

After being relentlessly pursued by Singh, the yoga guru acquiesced and said, "Mera wala dance suryanamaskar ka hota hain, lekin phir tujhe karna padega." (My dance involves suryanamaskar, but then you'll have to do it too.)

With that, both headed to the stage and the baba unleashed his killer moves. Watch this hilarious video where they both bust a move here:

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