This Security Guard's Hidden Singing Talent Has Left The Internet Stunned

Arijit who?

Gone are the days when one had to queue up to give auditions to showcase their talent, putting their regular jobs at stake.

In this digital age, the Internet is your stage. With billions of using smartphones, you are bound to get noticed given you have the right talent and audience to consume it.

In one such incident, Shauwik, a Kolkata-resident who works as a security guard, became a social media sensation after Facebook user Adarsh Singh uploaded several videos of him singing. The videos of Shauwik's singing has more than a million views now.

Watch him sing here:

Chances are, you may forget Arijit Singh.

He also goes on to sing his "favourite" song.

Adarsh, who uploaded the guard's videos posted this video thanking everyone for the support.

And after a huge demand, Adarsh has also set up a YouTube channel to give Shauwik a bigger audience.

All of us to the Internet.

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