06/12/2016 10:07 AM IST | Updated 06/12/2016 3:47 PM IST

16 Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up Jayalalithaa's Fascinating Legacy

Ever wondered why they call her 'iron butterfly'?

ARUN SANKAR via Getty Images

What did Jayalalithaa mean to Tamil Nadu? What is her legacy? What will she be remembered for? The mass hysteria around her or the dozen allegations of corruption or how the country hailed her policies for women and children?

After the 68-year-old leader passed away at 11:30 pm on Monday, following a long battle with multiple illnesses, her admirers, critics, fans and interested observers took to social media to discuss her contribution.

Here are 16 tweets that perfectly capture her legacy, influence and relevance in India.

1. She served 5 terms as the CM of Tamil Nadu since then.

2. The picture that says it all.

3. Her influence, in one tweet.

4. Jaya versus a man's world.

5. Like Indira, like Jaya?

6. You only 'miss' a 'revolutionary leader'.

7. Remember what they say about diversity and unity?

8. If a leader is ranked by the policies he/she formulated, Jaya would figure very high on the list.

9. Chequered, fascinating political career.

10. Guts, thy other name is Jayalalithaa.

11. This one thing she will be always remembered for.

12. Like a boss.

13. Jaya = Family, to so many in Tamil Nadu.

14. Once a fighter, always a fighter.

15. This picture shows how Tamil Nadu and Jayalalithaa were synonymous for many of her supporters.

16. What made her, her? The answer, straight from the horse's mouth.

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