04/12/2016 8:37 AM IST | Updated 04/12/2016 9:00 AM IST

'Beggar Using Swipe Machine': Modi Jokes, Again, While Hard-Selling Demonetisation At Moradabad Rally

"I salute the people of the country for standing for long hours in queues. This is the last queue to end all those queues."

Adnan Abidi / Reuters

MORADABAD -- Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday referred to a WhatsApp video showing a beggar using a swipe machine to persuade people to shift to digital monetary transactions, insisting Indians do not take long to accept new things if they know the intention behind an action is right.

"I don't know how far it is true but there is a video going viral on Whatsapp of a beggar being told by a man that though he wanted to help, he does not have change," Modi told at BJP's Parivartan Rally in Moradabad. "The beggar asks him not to worry and takes out a swipe machine and asks for his debit card," the Prime Minister said as the crowd burst into peals of laughter.

He said Indians do not take long to accept new things if they are told the intentions are right.

Amidst chants of "Modi-Modi" by the audience, the Prime Minister referred to hundreds of villages which do not have power, even 70 years after Independence. "People in villages also want to see TV...they also like to see 'saas-bahu' serial but as there is no electricity how can they see it," Modi said, referring to the popular TV show.

The government has said money recovered from those hoarding it post demonetisation exercise would be used for people's welfare like infrastructure development.

Replying to the opposition's charge that farmers have been hit hard by demonetisation and sowing has been affected, he said, "I especially want to thank farmers who despite all problems have not allowed sowing to be affected...it has rather gone up from last time."

"They (opposition parties) are misleading people, creating an atmosphere of pessimism," he said.

Taking a dig at those who have been attacking him over the move, he said, "Some people have lost glow on their faces... earlier they used to chant money-money, now they are chanting Modi-Modi."

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