29/11/2016 8:39 PM IST | Updated 29/11/2016 10:44 PM IST

Dutch Parliament Moves To Ban Burqa And Niqab In Some Public Spaces

NurPhoto via Getty Images
On 1st December 2014 in Hague, Netherlands, people are seen arriving and leaving the court where seven young men are being accused of recruiting young Muslims to take part in the jihad in Syria. Four of the men, Azzedine C., Oussama C., Rudholp H., and Hicham el O. today had a pro-forma hearing. Three other jihad recruiters whose cases have been handled earlier in november today received their sentences. Only one received a prison sentence. (Photo by Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto) (Photo by NurPhoto/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

AMSTERDAM, Nov 29 (Reuters) - The Dutch Parliament’s lower house voted on Tuesday to ban the wearing of face-covering clothes - such as burqas and niqabs - in some public places, making the Netherlands the latest European country to restrict garments worn by some Muslim women.

The legislation, which still needs to be passed by the senate, bans the veils in settings where identifying the wearer is considered essential, such as in government buildings, on public transport, at schools and in hospitals.

Few women in the Netherlands wear such clothes, but the issue has been high on the agenda for years, with an outright ban one of the main demands of the anti-Islam opposition Freedom Party, which is leading in polls ahead of elections in March.

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