01/12/2016 1:31 PM IST | Updated 01/12/2016 2:27 PM IST

Demonetisation Equaliser: Anil Kapoor Queues Up In ATM Line, Fans Post Selfie

Mr. India becomes visible.

@apoorva_m1/ Twitter

Since demonetisation was announced on 8 November, many detractors of the move have pointed out that it has affected the masses much more than the classes. But, perhaps, the classes are not as untouched as is being made out. Queues in front of ATMs have seen their share of VIPs and celebrities, though, again, some are quick to dismiss the sightings as a PR exercise.

Just last week, Telugu actor-filmmaker Ravi Babu made a public appearance, with an adorable pet piglet no less, standing in line outside a bank in Hyderabad to withdraw cash.

And, now it is our Arun bhaiyya from Mr. India who queued up in an ATM line in Mumbai to take out some moolah. Veteran cine star Anil Kapoor put the waiting time to good use, taking selfies with eager fans.

One fan, by the name of Apoorva M, took to Twitter on Thursday morning and posted a selfie with the 59-year-old star.

"Queuing up at an ATM with @AnilKapoor. Only in Bombay. #DeMonetisation," Apoorva wrote.

Kapoor duly came online and retweeted the tweet. He added,

"Taking selfies in an ATM line: check

Thanks to #DeMonetisation, I get to meet you lovely people @apoorva_m1!"

Looks like he needs the formula again!

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