01/12/2016 3:14 PM IST | Updated 01/12/2016 5:06 PM IST

Delhi Police Registers FIR In Rahul Gandhi Twitter Hacking Case

Reports say Congress email server was compromised too.

Hindustan Times via Getty Images
Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi in a file photo.

The Delhi Police on Thursday registered an FIR on the hacking of Congress Party Vice President Rahul Gandhi's Twitter account.

Earlier in the day, a complaint was filed by the party's chief spokesperson Randeep Surjewala, demanding strict action against those behind the hacking.

NDTV reported that apart from the Twitter accounts, the security of Gandhi's email account, the party website and server had also been compromised.

Speaking to the media about the hacking, Gandhi, on Thursday morning, said, "It's a huge question mark on the digital security."

Commenting on the hacking, social media expert Anoop Mishra told IANS, "There may be a possibility that Rahul Gandhi's Twitter account was logged into from an unsecured computer or a device that did not have next-generation firewall, an updated anti-virus software or from a compromised IP address. This situation is a boon for hackers who are constantly searching for security flaws and hack into the social media accounts of celebrities and political leaders."

The Congress raised questions on the digital safety of all Indians and said it reflects disturbing insecurities of the prevalent "fascist culture" in the country.

However co-founder and CEO of cyber-security firm Lucideus, Saket Modi, debunked such theories. The Hindustan Times quoted Modi as saying, "A hack on Twitter cannot be blamed on the government's cybersecurity laws as Twitter has its own set of encryption and protection measures which is uniform for all countries."

Meanwhile, the government said that an investigation into the hacking had already been launched. "As soon as I heard it last night, I spoke to the IT person in charge," NDTV quoted Ravi Shankar Prasad as saying.

Gandhi's account was hacked around 8:45 pm and some messages with profanities were put out, but these were deleted soon thereafter.

Surjewala had scathingly attacked trolls for the hacking.

"Such lowly tactics will neither drown the sane voice of reason nor deter Rahul Gandhi from raising people's issues," Surjewala had said.

"Such unscrupulous, unethical and roguish conduct of venal trolls to hack Rahul Gandhi's Twitter handle reflects disturbing insecurities of prevalent fascist culture," he said.

Surjewala also tweeted:

Congress President Sonia Gandhi's political secretary Ahmed Patel also tweeted:

"Those forcing country to adopt online payment overnight, have they taken steps to ensure a/c of ordinary ppl will be immune from hacking?," he also said.

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