A Fitness Expert Says Aamir Khan Just Couldn't Have Achieved His 'Dangal' Body Without Steroids

It's not as hunky-dory as it appears.

On November 29, Disney India, the producers of Nitesh Tiwari's wrestling-drama Dangal, released a video on their Facebook page.

The sharply shot clip showed Aamir Khan's meticulous fitness regime that helped him in gaining weight first and subsequently losing it all. He literally went from being heavily potbellied to donning a chiseled six-pack, all in the duration of 6 months.

According to the video, Khan, who is often termed as the 'perfectionist' for his relentless dedication to the roles he essays, achieved the drastic transformation with a combination of the right kind of diet and hardcore gymming.

Everybody was predictably overwhelmed on seeing the clip which generated 19 million views in 3 days itself.

Now, Ranveer Ahllabadia, a fitness expert has posted a video on Facebook where he claims that it's nearly impossible for the human body to have that kind of transformation organically. Ranveer argues that steroids likely played a part in Aamir getting 'fat-to-fit.'

In his explainer, Ranveer alludes to logical references like athletes who retire by the age of 35 because their bodies cannot keep pace with the demands of their sport.

So how come, Aamir, who is 51, an age where the testosterone levels are fast dwindling, carry on such an aggressive workout and achieve such drastic results in record time? The answer, according to him, is high-quality steroids that supplement fast muscle-making.

Ranveer's intentions don't come across as an attempt to malign Aamir's image but to make regular folk aware that the process isn't as hunky-dory as it appears. He says it's not just Aamir but most Bollywood stars who do shirtless scenes likely take steroids.

Watch the video here and make up your mind.

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