30/11/2016 11:06 AM IST | Updated 30/11/2016 12:27 PM IST

This Woman Is Ready To Leave Her Husband Because He Does Not Support PM Modi


While fans of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi have given a whole new meaning to the Hindi/Sanskrit word bhakt (which means 'devotee'), many others are taking the obsession to a whole new level.

A video released by the website The Lallantopshows a woman from New Delhi announcing in public that she was willing to leave her husband because he was "anti-Modi".

The video, which has gone viral, shows one Rashmi Jain from Delhi telling a group of people not to blame the prime minister for the difficulties they are facing on account of the scrapping ₹500 and ₹1,000 notes.

"It is the banks who are not doing their jobs. What is Modi-ji supposed to do? Hand over cash personally to all the banks? It is the banks' fault that they have not been able to execute their tasks properly," she said in the video.

Talking in fervent tones about the "sacrifices" Modi has made, she dared the people around her to show her another person possessing such "dedication".

"Do you know anyone who has made such huge sacrifices for the country? I dare anyone to speak... I don't know anyone with such greatness. I'm a great follower. I'm even willing to leave my husband because he's 'anti-Modi'," an anguished Jain intoned.

Last week, an unidentified woman from Allahabad had declared her love for Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi and had told the media that she planned to marry him.

"I've come to meet Rahul Gandhi. I've come to tell him what is in my heart. He helps Dalits. He can eat with Dalits. He can marry Dalits. I am an OBC. I've been supporting his party for a long time. Why won't he marry me? I want him to marry me," the woman had said.

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