30/11/2016 8:00 AM IST | Updated 30/11/2016 8:01 AM IST

Students To Go On Indefinite Sit-In Over JNU Warning Against Protests, Scuttling Of Justice in Najeeb Case

Administration has warned students of disciplinary action.

Hindustan Times via Getty Images
Students during a protest in JNU earlier this year.

NEW DELHI -- JNU students union on Tuesday decided to start an indefinite sit-in at the varsity's administration block protesting the university's decision to not allow protests and scuttling justice in the case of missing student Najeeb Ahmed.

The administration had warned the students union to avoid any protests or demonstration at the venue, which is now known as "Freedom square" or face disciplinary action.

"Today after not getting any reply from administration JNUSU has decided to go for indefinite sit-in at the administration block against scuttling of protest space and scuttling justice in Najeeb's case," JNUSU President Mohit Pandey said.

The students are protesting against alleged inaction by the administration on the issue of the missing first year MSc student Najeeb Ahmed. Ahmed went missing from the campus on October 15 after he was allegedly assaulted by ABVP members during a hostel election campaign a night before.

The university on November 3 and on Tuesday wrote to Pandey to not hold any meetings/ demonstrations near the administrative block or face action.

"But it has come to the notice of the administration that you are going to hold a protest at the administrative block. You are once again advised not to hold the above mentioned activity near the administrative block, otherwise necessary disciplinary action will be taken as per university rules," the letter said.

The administration said that it has received complaints from residents living around and staff working in the block that they are getting disturbed and "such" activities should be held at either Open Theatre or Students' Activity Centre.

Stating that in 45 days since Ahmed went missing the administration didn't mention once in any of its reports that Ahmed was allegedly assaulted by group of students connected to ABVP, Pandey said, "JNU administration did not think this case is important for them and did not send anybody to reply in court.

"Now there is a permanent ban on protests near administration block and JNU administration is threatening students and JNUSU that do the protests around KC and open theatre and don't do protest around ad block. VC is in a permanent denial to meet students and reply them."

"He meets with RSS delegates, with ABVP members but not with union. This is the state of Sanghi administration in our university. A student is missing from university after he was assaulted by ABVP goons. Justice in this case is missing," he said.

"Accountability is missing," he added.

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