30/11/2016 9:59 AM IST | Updated 30/11/2016 10:47 AM IST

French Astronaut Takes Stunning Image Of New Delhi From Space



When 38-year-old astronaut Thomas Pesquet took his first night-time photo from space on 29 November, he had no idea which city he had managed to capture.

"A city at night, but I have no idea which one," he tweeted to his followers. "Do you?"

The gorgeous image shows a concentrated area of light at the center, which then branches off in different directions to smaller clusters of light. While many people guessed that the city was Paris or Moscow, it turned out to be much closer home for Indians.

The French astronaut, on a six-month mission as part of crew member at the International Space Station, is part of the European Space Agency. With some quick help from Twitter users and his own independent research, Pesquet confirmed that the city was New Delhi.

Pesquet reportedly took the photo while "while waiting for Houston mission control to find the answer to a question when we were repairing the toilet".

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