29/11/2016 1:27 PM IST | Updated 29/11/2016 5:21 PM IST

Bride Delays Wedding To Take Her Exam In Bridal Finery

Education first.

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Bride and groom sign their marriage license.

In an incident that does not happen everyday, a bride, dressed in her wedding finery, wrote her final exams for Diploma in Education, because the time of her wedding clashed with that of the examination. The wedding was delayed by a few hours.

The News Minute reports that 24-year-old Rachana Alluri from Telangana's Adilabad district had realised that her exam (from 9 am to 12 am) and her wedding (11:02 am) would clash, when her parents fixed her nuptials six months ago.

She had two choices, to skip the exam or delay the wedding. In some communities brides are not allowed to step out of their homes right before the wedding, but Alluri decided to break with tradition. She said she had complete the support of her fiancé, in-laws and parents.

"Everyone was shocked when I entered the exam hall," she told the News Minute. "But my classmates understood my situation. My friends and classmates were proud, and congratulated me for appearing for the exam even on my wedding day. Some even said that if they were in my place, they would not have been able to manage both and would have gotten married first."

Alluri had one more exam paper to write after the one on her wedding day, and she appeared in that too. She plans on taking the teacher's entrance exam next year and is excited that she has married a man who is supportive of her education goals.

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