A Sandwich Tutorial For All You Sexists Out There

The perfect sandwich tutorial for sexists
The perfect sandwich tutorial for sexists

Making a sandwich isn't a hard task, which is why comedian Lilly Singh is always confused why so many of her haters tell her to go to the kitchen and make one.

The Canadian YouTuber, also known as Superwoman, recently uploaded a hilarious sandwich tutorial aimed at all those sexists out there who think women belong in the kitchen.

And while she says she usually doesn't respond to haters, she thought a sandwich tutorial would be the best way to get her message across. And trust us, it works.

"On a cutting board, chop up your onions," she says in the video above. "Now if you start to painfully tear up, don't worry, now you know how your mother feels when she sees how you've turned out."

The Scarborough-native also makes digs at penis size, inequality and all the insecurities sexist people have.