24/11/2016 9:19 AM IST | Updated 24/11/2016 11:13 AM IST

Medical College Students In Tamil Nadu Torture, Kill Baby Monkey On Campus

All four students involved have been suspended.

Fayaz Kabli / Reuters

WARNING: This article contains graphic images.

Just a few months after a dog was thrown off a building by two medical college students in Chennai, another shocking incident of animal cruelty has come to light from a medical college in nearby Vellore.

According to a Facebook post by Shravan Krishnan, an animal rights activist, a baby monkey was allegedly tortured and killed by four students of the prestigious Christian Medical College (CMC) in Vellore on 19 November.

"They tied her hands and started abusing and torturing her by beating her with sticks and belts, broke her legs, jaws and finally put a rod up her anus and killed her," the post read.

Animal rights activists, who recovered the body of the deceased animal said, the hands of the monkey were tied behind its back and a telephone cable was coiled around its neck.

"I've not seen anything more shocking. How can medical students get cold towards animals, and to a baby monkey which is literally like a child in every way," Krishnan said in the post.

Jasper Samuel Sahoo, Rohit Kumar Yenukotti, Arun Loui Sasikumar and Alex Chekalayil were immediately suspended when college authorities got to know about the brutal act. Confirming the suspension, CMC Principal, Anna Pulimood told the Indian Expressthat the college does not condone such an act.

"The internal committee inquiry found the four students guilty. We are looking at and dealing with it seriously," the Principal said.

The Indian Express quoted Nishant Ravi, another animal rights activist, as saying, "Autopsy revealed that the animal's neck, hands and legs were tied up with a wire. We observed fractures in the monkey's knee, neck and ankle, indicating it underwent cruelty. The worst part was that the neck was stabbed with the sharp object. The wound had both entry and exit marks, pointing towards the sharp object penetrating from behind and coming out from the front of the neck."

The monkey's body was pulled out on Sunday from an area close to the campus mess by animal rights activists in the presence of police and forest officials.

The Vellore district police have registered cases both under the Wildlife Protection Act and for killing or maiming cattle. The police officer investigating the case said, "We are probing. We understand there is monkey menace on the campus. Around 40 to 50 monkeys have been disturbing hostel inmates in their rooms and mess."

Read the full FB post here.

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