22/11/2016 10:33 AM IST | Updated 22/11/2016 12:25 PM IST

HuffPost-BW-CVoter Survey: 87% Indians Think Demonetisation Is Hurting Black Money Owners

India gives demonetisation a thumbs up.

Jonathan Ernst / Reuters
Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The government's demonetisation of Rs 500 and 100 notes gets a huge thumbs up from people across India, urban and rural, young and old, shows a HuffPost-BW-CVoter survey. Nearly 87% of respondents felt the move was hurting those with black money, and 85% felt the inconvenience caused by demonetisation was worth the effort of fighting black money.

The survey shows the Prime Minister Modi's radical step enjoys popular support across India, despite the vast deal of inconvenience it has unleashed.

The survey was conducted by CVoter on 21st November across 252 parliamentary areas for Huffington Post India and Businessworld. In all, 1,212 respondents were surveyed. Respondents in rural and semi-urban areas were only slightly less enthusiastic.

Only 22% felt the implementation was fine. When asked the rate the quality of implementation, 63% felt it was good, 24% felt it was ok, 7% felt it was poor and 6% felt it was extremely bad.

Could it have been better, the implementation? 74% respondents agreed it could have been better.

When asked who was more hurt by demonetisation, the rich or poor, respondents were more divided. While 44% felt it was hurting the rich more than the poor, 36% felt otherwise. 16% felt it was hurting the rich and poor alike.

Yet, 70% respondents felt it would help the BJP in forthcoming polls. If the government were to buckle under opposition pressure and rollback demonetisation, 62% felt support for Modi would reduce.

Personally, how big was demonetisation a problem for people? 13% said it was an unmanageable disaster. 34% said it wasn't a problem at all.

Overall, 66% felt it was a good step and one that was well implemented.

44% said they were not sure if demonetisation would hurt campaign finances of political parties or which party's finances would be hurt the most. 19% felt it would hurt the Congress finances the most, 10% felt the BJP would be the worst affected.

The survey data was weighted to known population profile. The margin of error is +/- 3% at the national level and +/- 5% at the regional level.