21/11/2016 11:04 AM IST | Updated 21/11/2016 1:08 PM IST

No, You Don't Need An Invite To Use WhatsApp Video Calling

Beware of the spam!

Dado Ruvic / Reuters
A 3D printed Whatsapp logo is seen in front of a displayed Facebook logo in this illustration taken April 28, 2016. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration

WhatsApp introduced the much awaited video-calling feature in its app this week. The company said that the roll-out would take a few days and some users would have access to the feature a couple of days after the launch.

Many users who are still not aware of this information could potentially fall prey to a spam message doing rounds which talks about an invite for using the video-calling feature.

The message contains a link stating, "You have been invited to use WhatsApp video calling." Clicking on the link takes you to a shady and unreliable website, where there is a button called, "Activate video calling" that then prompts users to fill out certain details.

WhatsApp users need to bear in mind that there is no need to provide any new information to activate video calling. You might want to update your app from the App Store or Play Store, though.

Users should be wary of such spam messages and ignore them. Last year, a message about activating WhatsApp Red was doing rounds which said WhatsApp was going to charge users for the service.

The company launched the video-calling feature in India on 15 November where it has one of its biggest user base comprising over 160 million Monthly Active Users (MAUs).