21/11/2016 1:45 PM IST | Updated 21/11/2016 2:37 PM IST

5 Seriously Candid Confessions Varun Dhawan And Arjun Kapoor Made On 'Koffee With Karan'

Things got pretty personal.

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1. On whether their supposed relationship with Alia Bhatt (both were rumoured to be dating her) led to an animosity between the two of them

Varun: I was never dating Alia Bhatt. She has always been a very close friend and somebody who I really wanted to work with.

Arjun: We just did a film together where our chemistry and the PR around it went into an overdrive that led people to believe there was something between us. But the truth is that I was not dating her.

2. On competition with one another:

Arjun: I don't feel any. When I was in South Africa, I went and watched Dishoom in a theater there and felt proud of both, Varun and Rohit (director Rohit Dhawan). Varun's film not doing well is not going to make me do better. So I never look at him as a competitive opposition.

Varun: We've been through many ups and downs but I know Arjun always watches out for me. Our friendship is an honest one, it's not just for the cameras.

3. On their individual relationship status:

Arjun: I am at that point in my life where I don't know if I am great at commitment. I am single. As for sex, I have it casually.

Varun: I am very happy in the relationship that I am in.

On rumored ladylove Natasha Dalal, Varun said: She is a very close friend of mine. We were in the same school together. Won't say if I am single or not, but I can say that I have a lot of love in my life.

Arjun: We give a lot of ourselves to the profession that we are in. So if we can hold on to some aspects of our private lives, then why not?

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4. On the size of their stardom and their, well, penis:

Varun: I think I am a bigger star than him and he knows it

Arjun: Yes, I know that he *thinks* he's a bigger star than me. But I am pretty sure I have the bigger penis.

Varun: I don't know about that.

5. During the rapid fire round, Karan asked Varun if he has ever hooked up with a fan.

Varun: I have never done that but there's an actor friend of mine who does that. He is a Kapoor.

Arjun: I *never* do that.

Varun also candidly revealed that he'd love to kill Ranveer Singh because he's doing 'too well' in his career.

Towards the end of the show, Varun said that he has been diplomatic because things get 'misrepresented' in the media but he's been very happy in his 'personal space' thanks to a very special person who's kept him like that for many, many years.

You can watch the entire episode here

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