18/11/2016 12:44 PM IST | Updated 18/11/2016 1:00 PM IST

Indian-American Politician Kshama Sawant Threatened For Calling Anti-Trump March

"Go back to India."

David Ryder / Reuters

WASHINGTON -- An Indian-American woman politician in the US has received hundreds of angry emails and phone calls, some telling her to 'go back to India', after she called for a nation-wide protest against President-elect Donald Trump.

Kshama Sawant, a Seattle Councilwoman is one of the few socialist office holders in the US, has been receiving 'vicious threats and racist comments' after she appealed her supporters to publicly protest against the inauguration of Trump as the 45th president of the US in January, media reports said.

"Join me, I appeal to you,... Let's have a massive protest and tell America we do not accept a racist agenda and let's make sure that on Inauguration Day, on the 20th and 21st of January, let's do a nationwide shutdown and occupy inauguration," Sawant said at a post-election press conference at Seattle City Hall on 9 November.

The video of her press conference has gone viral on the social media. As a result, her office has been receiving all kinds of threatening messages.

"I will come and tattoo a swastika on your head and on that bitch's head," a (Sawant) staffer was told on phone, Council spokesperson Dana Robinson Slote told Q13 News in an email.

"Go back to India bitch," another email read.

"I am tired of being shamed because I'm a white male. You automatically think I'm a racist. How about you go the (expletive) back to India or wherever you came from?" another email said.

"Ever stop to think we see (Obama) as a racist? But we carried on and lived to fight another day. Stop being such a cry baby bitch and go hang yourself."

In 2013, Sawant made history to become the first socialist elected in Seattle in 100 years by winning a City Council seat.

Post general election, she has called her movement as "Build the resistance against Trump."

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