18/11/2016 10:21 AM IST | Updated 18/11/2016 5:10 PM IST

OnePlus 3T Replaces The Older OnePlus 3 In Europe And US, India Will Have To Wait

No mention of an India launch yet by the phonemaker.


With the launch of the OnePlus 3T smartphone last week, the older OnePlus 3 device is no longer being sold in the US and Europe. A report in Android Authority says that the phone-maker, OnePlus, will not be selling the older unit, sales of which had already been halted in some countries because of supply issues.

OnePlus will instead be supplying the upgraded phone with a better processor, battery and front camera for sale in these markets.

However, the company plans to keep selling OnePlus 3 in India. OnePlus told HuffPost India that they have no immediate plans of launching OnePlus 3T here.

Physically, with its 5.5 inch HD screen and other external features, OnePlus 3T looks the same as OnePlus 3. However, under the hood, it carries a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 chip that is faster and more power efficient. Additionally, the front camera now has a higher 16 MP resolution as compared to 8 MP, and the battery size has gone up to 3,400 mAh.

The newer smartphone still comes with 6 GB of RAM and Dash Charge support. One Plus has launched two variants of OnePlus 3T, with RAMs of 64 GB and 128 GB respectively, and priced at $439 and $479 respectively in the US.

It appears that OnePlus wants to let its stock of OnePlus 3 phones run out before it launches OnePlus 3T here. The upgraded model's higher price might swing things in the favor of smartphones such as Moto Z Play.

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