16/11/2016 5:12 PM IST | Updated 17/11/2016 5:26 PM IST

The Story Behind Each Of These Coke Studio Songs Will Leave You Spellbound

Another reason to add these beautiful songs to your playlist.

Guido Mieth

If there's one music property that has transcended boundaries, the best musicians to collaborate with, and has a massive fan following, it is Coke Studio. The music, the production, the choice of songs, the artists et al, make it the massive hit that it is. With over a million views on YouTube (and counting), Coke Studio has become an intricate part of every household in India. It has been able to do what neither radio nor television could - that is to get people excited about independent music! Featuring some of the best artists and collaborations that are literally music to everyone's ears, Coke Studio is the ultimate name in independent Indian music. However, the beauty of this property is that it just doesn't stop at music. Each song that's featured on Coke Studio is well thought out and has a story behind it. Here's the story behind each of these Coke Studio songs. Get ready to be spellbound!

1. Ki Banu Duniya Da - Gurdas Maan feat. Diljit Dosanjh & Jatinder Shah

What happens when you bring together a music legend with a new-age superstar? One word, MAGIC! Ki Banu Duniya Da was published on 15th of August last year. The powerful song deals with issues of drug abuse, the disenchantment of the youth and the future of the nation. The song was re-written by Gurdas Maan himself. It is delivered using traditional verse and is packed with some seriously powerful lyrics. The amalgamation of traditional Punjabi instruments with its Western counterparts like the electric guitar and drums will make you fall in love with it, repeatedly!

2. Laadki - Sachin-Jigar, Taniskha S, Kirtidan G, Rekha B

This song encapsulates the relationship between a daughter and her father. The word "Laadki" in the song is a term of endearment and a fond way of addressing a daughter. The soulful lyrics of this song captures the unique bond between a father and his daughter and the journey of a girl, growing up to be a woman! What makes this song even more special is the fact that the parts of the little girl are sung by Sachin's daughter, Tanishka.

3. Zariya - AR Rahman, Ani Choying, Farah Siraj

This song literally transcends geographical boundaries and gives a whole new meaning to 'World Music". Only AR Rahman can bring together a Jordanian Singer and a Nepalese Buddhist Nun and compose a song that has a traditional Nepalese - Buddhist hymn forming the base infused with Sivamani's percussions and traditional Jordanian melody. Completely based around the theme of motherhood, compassion and ultimate happiness, this is one track that you can't get enough of!

4. Rangabati - Ram Sampath, Sona Mohapatra & Rituraj Mohanty

Rangabati is an old folk song that reached popularity in the mid 70's when Jitendra Haripal & Krishna Patel sang it. On the Coke Studio platform, it is beautifully reinvented in a bi-lingual conversation that draws from Sambalpuri & Tamil. The song celebrates with love for one's roots and the motherland. Sona Mohapatra sings an ode to her home state Odisha in her milestone 10th year as a music artist and is joined by the rapper duo Tony & Rajesh from Dharavi, Mumbai and the latest musical star from the state of Odisha , the supremely talented Rituraj Mohanty.

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