15/11/2016 12:09 PM IST | Updated 15/11/2016 3:15 PM IST

This Woman Has The Perfect Response To Those Shaming Critics Of Demonetisation

"As if the 73-year-old man who died in queue was standing in the Jio SIM queue!"

Arvind Yadav/ Hindustan Times/ Getty Images

As many as 25 people have died in the 6 days since Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the currency demonetisation, for reasons ranging from hospitals denying medical treatment, to the elderly collapsing in long queues, to housewives committing suicide.

However, the government and the leaders of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party have played down these troubles, terming them "minor inconveniences," calling the deaths of people standing in queues "mere accidents" and arguing that if soldiers could fight without eating for days, people could do the same. Opinion has been divided on social media too.

One Facebook user has written a powerful post addressed to those who are shaming others for criticising demonetisation. "If people can stand in queue in beverages and movie theatres, or for Jio sim, why can't they stand in line for this!?" Anupama Anamangad wrote on Facebook. "Yeah right! Coz if you can have sex, why can't you get raped, right!?"

"Its not the people who 'likes to have' some 4000 rupees, standing in line here, you idiots!" she continued. "Its those who are in need of money for their normal expenses! There is choice in 'like to have'; there is no choice in 'need' and effectively 'being forced to'! As if the 73 old man who died in queue was standing in the Jio SIM queue!"

Here is her full post.