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These Websites Will Help You Find The Nearest Working ATM

Many developers are working on ATM tracking websites

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After Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the discontinuation of ₹500 and ₹1,000 notes, the biggest inconvenience faced by people has been the inability to withdraw money from ATMs. Since the machines are all dry, unable to dispense any cash, and in the coming days will be dispensing only ₹100 notes, if at all, expect very long lines.

The daily withdrawal limit of ₹2,500, up from ₹2,000 earlier, has made things tough. So much so, that people have died standing in the queues outside ATM machines. However, some have taken the route of technology to lend a helping hand to those trying to find ATMs that are dispensing cash.

Here are some websites to help you find the nearest working ATM:

CMS ATM Finder: CMS Infosystems handles ATMs across the country. In this company website, you have to select your state and city to find out the active ATMs in the city. If you find that a particular ATM is not working, you can report that as well.

Earlier, CMS had stated that it would take at least a couple of weeks to recalibrate ATMs across the country to enable them to handle the new ₹2,000 currency note.


Cash no cash: This website has been jointly developed by Quickr and NASSCOM. Quikr employees Manjunath Talwar and Abhijit Khasnis, who are also the co-founders of which was acquired by Quikr in turn, have worked on the website. It can detect your location and suggest the working ATMs nearest to you, with statuses marked as Cash, Long Wait, or No Cash.


The site works with crowd-sourced data, so you can report the status of an ATM as well. The website also lets you create an email alert, so when an ATM in your area becomes available, you will get an email alert.

Walnut app: The app is an automatic expense tracker linked to the user's credit or debit card. The company has launched a feature based on active ATM data that they have received from users, as well as from crowd-sourced information on queue lengths at those ATMs.


"In light of the recent announcements to fight black money and the hardships faced by many Indians, we thought that we should do our bit to make finding active ATMs simple," Amit Bhor, co-founder of Walnut said. "Walnut app, crowd-sources information across millions of users and helps everyone find an #ATMwithCash in real-time and with queue information. When Walnut users transact at an ATM, they can choose to share info and this helps everyone else around them." This is another very simple website which is crowd-sourcing data. You can enter your location and search for ATMs near you. The table displays the nearest ATM with the name of the bank, length of the queue, and the time when the data was updated. Users can add data in similar fashion.


"I started making this website because, on last Saturday, I couldn't find a single ATM where I could withdraw cash in short time," Lokesh Verma, an entrepreneur who designed the website, said. "A lot of people are visiting the website every day. It'd be great if more people would use and contribute to the data."

Live Bank Status: This is another crowdsourcing website but the bank data is taken from the RBI database so the address and the other details are accurate. You have to enter PIN code of your area to check the active banks. It shows Exchange, withdrawal, and traffic at the bank status. The creators have published an app as well.


Working ATMs: This website is unique in a couple of ways. While it has a very simple design and can locate the nearest ATM without entering the PIN number it doesn't depend on the crowdsourced data. It scrapes through the data of Walnut, Cashnocash, and CMS ATM finder to compare the results and present the most accurate data to the users with the address and map directions.

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