14/11/2016 2:28 PM IST | Updated 14/11/2016 2:51 PM IST

People Are Furious That The PM Laughed While Describing A Very Real Problem During The Wedding Season

"Ghar mein paise nahi hai? Par shaadi hai."

Fayaz Kabli / Reuters
A Kashmiri shopkeeper displays a garland made of Indian currency notes at a market in Srinagar May 20, 2008.

As the wedding season approaches, families find themselves in a peculiar situation. With the drastic cancellation of tender character of bank notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 denominations, people are stranded with currency that is now not being accepted by vendors.

Traditionally, the catering and decorating industry is cash-dependent and many, especially in lower middle class families, have been thrown in the deep end with a fixed limit on daily transactions. A lot of money exchange during weddings happen in cash, including payment to vendors, gifts and pre-bookings.

A bride's father in Bihar's Kaimur district succumbed to a heart attack allegedly worrying that the groom's family might reject the amount of Rs 35,000 he had collected in Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes as dowry, jeopardising his daughter's future, as the bank notes were scrapped overnight.

However, in Japan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke to an audience about the havoc wreaked after the demonetisation move in a tone vastly different from what he used to address his countrymen in India. Modi is seen laughingly telling the audience that in homes that are preparing for marriage, there is suddenly a cash crunch. The audience bursts into laughter at the PM's comical hand gestures that make light of the inconvenience caused to millions.

The clip has gone viral.

The reactions have mostly been that of anger and disbelief.