14/11/2016 11:22 PM IST | Updated 15/11/2016 12:11 AM IST

Netflix To Stream New Indian-American Comedy Today, Watch The Promo Of 'Brown Nation'

"It's not a very serious or preachy depiction of the issues."

On November 15th, Netflix will stream a new comedy series, Brown Nation, which revolves around Indian Americans living and working in New York City. Created and written by Matt Grubb, George Kanatt & Abi Varghese, the series is about the trials and tribulations of the employees of an IT business in the Big Apple.

Prakash Bare, one of the producers of the show, told The News Minute that the show "is basically a sitcom taking a satirical look at the life of Indians and other brown-skinned communities in the backdrop of NYC. It's not a very serious or preachy depiction of the issues."

On how it was different from Outsourced, Bare said, "We have a more balanced scripting department with talents from American as well as Indian backgrounds. That we believe has resulted in a programme which will be palatable to both the audiences."

Watch the trailer here.

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