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Demonetisation Effect: People Reloading ATMs Are Working Without A Break

The real heroes.

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Amid the uproar and chaos following demonetisation, the unsung heroes are those who are carrying cash to different ATMs in cities and towns across India, working round the clock without any break.

According to reports, some van staffers told the Times Of India that they have not even bathed ever since demonetisation was announced on 8 November.

"For the past four days, neither my fellow driver nor my colleague could spare time for a shave," Dinesh Chand Sharma, a gunner with an ATM servicing firm, told TOI. "None of us have taken a bath since 9 November. We are continuously sitting in the van, ferrying cash from the processing centre to bank branches."

"In normal days, our shift starts from 9:30 am and ends at 5:30 pm but for the past four days, we are leaving our house by 6 am and returning home in the evening is out of question," Narendra Kumar, who works as a driver with Sharma, said. "On Friday, our duty got over at 12:30 am, while on Saturday, we could be free from work only by 2:30 am. We are working like crazy. But we understand that it is the need of the time and we are not the only ones but all the people in the banking system in the country are working like us without any break. Hope, we will get some overtime for this toil."

Pankaj Mishra, a van driver with a Bareilly based cash-processing centre, told TOI that since the surprise announcement of the demonetisation of ₹500 and ₹1,000 notes, he hasn't been able to go home.

"I supply the cash up to Almora and Pithoragarh from Bareilly-based cash processing centre. Since we have been running day and night, I have not been able to go home for the past four days. I am keeping my quilt inside the vehicle as I spend the nights in the cash van," Mishra reportedly said.

Bank staffers all over the country have been working extra hours to help customers cope with this unprecedented situation.

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