14/11/2016 10:28 AM IST | Updated 14/11/2016 11:04 AM IST

WATCH: Prime Minister Modi's Emotional Speech On Demonetisation Is 'Drama', Says CPI(M)'s Brinda Karat

"Kya yeh Pradhanmantri ki naatakbaazi hai?"

NEW DELHI -- Left leader Brinda Karat dismissed Prime Minister Narendra Modi's emotional speech on Sunday as "naatakbaazi" (drama) after the PM turned tearful while speaking on how demonetisation was a necessary step towards eradicating black money.

"Is the PM giving the public any time to escape from hunger?" the former Rajya Sabha member said to ANI on Monday morning. "Will we look at the PM's tears or that widow's tears who is working from morning to night but not getting her salary? His or those of the 20 lakh plantation workers who are not getting their salaries?"

"Kya yeh Pradhanmantri ki naatakbaazi hai? (What is this PM's drama?)"

PM Modi had made an emotional speech on Sunday in Goa where he said that the opposition was attacking him on the demonetisation decision because their "loot of 70 years" is in trouble.

"They may ruin me," he said, "but I am prepared".

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