Paytm Tones Down Its 'Stop The Drama' Ad After Flak On Social Media

"Didi, drama band karo!"

Ever since the announcement of the scrapping of ₹500 and ₹1,000 currency notes was made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 8 November, Paytm, India's largest mobile payments company, has upped its marketing on social media, asking people to use their services to avoid the hassle.

We have got two words for you: Paytm Karo.

— Paytm (@Paytm) November 8, 2016

On Sunday, they released an ad on Twitter that translates to:

Employer: How can they ban notes like this? Is it a joke or what? There are very long queues outside banks. Today I had to give salary to my maid. Where do I get the cash from? If not us, at least think about them?

Maid: Stop the drama. Start using Paytm.

(The ad was uploaded by a Twitter user since Paytm had by then taken it down after the initial backlash.)

@RpG_89 Here it is.Enjoy

— इशरत के पप्पा (@Nitishva_) November 13, 2016

Needless to say the ad didn't go down well with many people as it "mocked people facing hardships due to demonetization". People tagged Paytm chief Vijay Shekhar and threatened to uninstall the app.

Dear @vijayshekhar I am uninstalling @Paytm for mocking people facing hardship due to demonetization through your disgusting ads

— Shreekant Sahu (@SahuSKNT) November 13, 2016

Dear @vijayshekhar,

You are coward. We all are uninstalling @Paytm app as well deactivating my account

Thanks @rajudasonline

— Dhaval Patel (@dhaval241086) November 13, 2016

Wow. I put out one tweet saying I was uninstalling the PayTM app and now frenzied bloodthirsty armies accusing me of a "boycott campaign"

— Madhu Menon (@madmanweb) November 13, 2016


I am uninstalling paytm for their ad mocking people suffering from currency problem.

— PO (@PZIVY) November 14, 2016

Very tacky @Paytm Expected better of you. Saddened by the gloating & self-glorification when people are suffering #shame#DeMonetisation

— Seema Goswami (@seemagoswami) November 13, 2016

@rahulroushan Good for @vijayshekhar Let him sleep with liberals. I won't use PayTM ever. already changed Uber payment option to debit card!

— Mayur DG (@MayurDG) November 13, 2016

@RpG_89 They forced him to delete an ad

— Rahul Roushan (@rahulroushan) November 13, 2016

As the heated exchange of words escalated on social media, there were some who questioned the outrage.

So what was wrong with the PayTM ad? That it revealed how the elite class uses the "unwashed masses" to peddle their own propaganda?

— Nupur (@UnSubtleDesi) November 13, 2016

And truth hurts. Which is why libtards forced paytm to delete the ad.

— Rahul Roushan (@rahulroushan) November 13, 2016

This the advert which libtards forced @paytm to bring down

Disappointed to see the company succumb to so little pressure

— IndiaSpeaks (@IndiaSpeaksPR) November 13, 2016

On Monday morning, however, Paytm re-uploaded the ad, replacing "stop the drama" with "don't worry about me" on their Twitter account.

Paytm said, "With our strong belief in financial inclusion for every Indian, here is our upgraded ad."

Here's the new ad:

With our strong belief in financial inclusion for every Indian, here is our upgraded ad.

— Paytm (@Paytm) November 14, 2016

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