12/11/2016 6:51 PM IST | Updated 12/11/2016 8:28 PM IST

5 Things You Should Do To Ensure Seamless Transition Into The New Currency Regime

We have more and more reasons to go cashless, now more than ever!

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In the wake of the announcement by Government of India to discontinue Rs.500 and Rs.1000 currency notes, we have more and more reasons to go cashless, now more than ever! This move by the government is a great opportunity for customers to adopt digital means of transacting and going cashless for great convenience.

We partnered with ICICI Bank to suggest 5 things that you could do in this chaotic time that will make your life a little bit smoother.

1.Banking at the right shores

Top banks want their customers to transition seamlessly, so they are bending backwards to make the process as smooth as possible for them. Some banks will remain open through the long weekend so that their patrons do not feel the heat. Additional cash counters have been added and the banks are equipped with new currency notes of Rs. 2000, alongside additional currency notes of Rs. 100. Charges for cash deposits and withdrawals in savings accounts have been waived till November 30, 2016. Even charges for transactions at ATMs have been waived till December 30, 2016.

2.Full 'pocket' with an online wallet

Safe & secure, online wallet is the way to take strides towards the future. If you regularly or even sparingly use an online wallet from a good bank, then you are less likely to get your cash stolen, you always have the exact change that is needed to transact, so no more embarrassing "Can I borrow some?" statements. You can accumulate rewards, deals, offers and cashbacks with certain cards, and of course you'll have better documentation, as there will be an electronic trail of your spending habits! With such amazing benefits we wonder why doesn't everyone already have their 'pockets' full?!

3.APP it up

All great banks have banking APPs that just make your life so much smoother. All kinds of banking transactions can be done using these apps. From fund transfers, bill payments, recharges and of course shopping, everything is easy breezy on these applications.

4.Internet Banking

Internet Banking is an easy and convenient way to do banking from the comfort of your home or office. Daily tasks that need cash such as ordering food, movie tickets, shopping can be done easily through Internet Banking. One can easily transfer money from one account to the other and from one person to another without physically going to a bank. The fact that shopping and money transfers through internet banking are available 24*7 even when banks are closed is the cherry on the cake!

5.Debit and credit cards

A classic product of all banks, are cards- debit and credit. As an alternative to standing in long lines or hunting for cash for daily chores such as ordering food, cab payments, bill payments etc, one can easily use these cards. So no need to line up in front of ATMs, all kinds of merchants- big or small accept money through these cards.

In view of these changing times, ICICI Bank has all the above digital channels that are ideal solutions and means of going cashless. ICICI Bank has been at the forefront of innovations that help simplify transactions and help consumers make a seamless switch to digital channels. Log on to https://www.icicibank.com right away to find the most relevant solution.

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