10/11/2016 2:14 PM IST | Updated 10/11/2016 4:23 PM IST

Disappointed Noida Robbers Return Snatched Purse After Finding Only ₹500 Notes Inside

When cash becomes trash.

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Heard the one about this person getting his purse snatched and then having it returned by the frustrated would-be robbers as it only had ₹500-notes?

True story. All thanks to PM Narendra Modi's announcement demonetising ₹500 and ₹1,000 notes.

According to a report in the Times Of India, two motorcycle-borne assailants snatched a construction worker's wallet in Greater Noida on Tuesday evening, only to find that it contained notes in denominations of ₹500.

The disappointed robbers came back, slapped the victim for not keeping any ₹100 notes and threw his wallet back at him.

Vikas Kumar, who works at a construction site in Greater Noida, told TOI, "I was walking from the site towards the bus stand when two bike-borne men rode towards me. They snatched my purse and fled."

Kumar was about to shout for help, when he notice the snatchers coming back towards him.

"They came back and threw the purse at me. Then they slapped me and said I should have carried money in Rs 100 notes," he narrated.

The police, reportedly, have no information about the purse-snatching so far.

"We have not got any complaint in this regard. We will investigate the matter if the victim approaches us," Sudhir Kumar Tyagi, SHO, Kasna police station told TOI.

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