09/11/2016 3:59 PM IST | Updated 09/11/2016 5:10 PM IST

Here's How India Reacted Donald Trump's Victory

And Twitter can be mean.

Paco Anselmi/PA Wire
Donald Trump as he makes his acceptance speech in New York following his victory to become he 45th president of the United States.

It will take a while before it sinks in the Donald Trump, man best known for shrieking 'you're fired' on a reality show and calling women 'nasty', will be the President of United States of America.

While Trump's views on immigrants have been grossly divisive — he wants to build walls, keep a watch on Muslim neighbourhoods. However, he had made a last ditch effort to appease Indians living in the United States. "I am a big fan of Hindu" and "Ab ki baar Trump Sarkar", he had proclaimed.

Trump's radical views on immigration, if practiced in real life, will turn out to be a nightmare for Indians holding the H1B visas in the US. Given the implications, Indians followed the US elections closely. And as Trump delivered his victory speech, many took to Twitter to respond to the news and his seeming reformed, civil self.

Apart from the official congratulatory messages from the Prime Minister and the President, Twitter was abuzz with reactions.

Here are some of them: