09/11/2016 12:42 AM IST

Trump And His Son Both Seemed To Check Their Wives Weren't Voting The Wrong Way

Donald Trump and his son Eric Trump have been photographed apparently trying to sneak a peek of how their wives were voting the right way.

Trump and Melania went to cast their ballots at a Manhattan school, their local polling station, on Tuesday morning.

CNN filmed the moment the Republican candidate appeared to look over to see how his wife was doing in her booth. 

Meanwhile, elsewhere in New York, Eric Trumpdid the same same thing as he stood alongside his wife Lara Yunaska as they voted at the 53rd Street Library.

Bloomberg via Getty Images
Eric Trump looks towards his wife Lara Yunaska's ballot paper as she votes

Twitter relished the photos, with one Tweeter calling Eric Trump “an insecure manchild”

It’s important to note we don’t know for sure why father and son felt the need to look over as their wives voted.

But Twitter pretty fell about laughing.

With speculation Trump was trying to copy Melania’s answer...

Or that Melania was copying someone else... Again...

Or he was shocked she had voted for an independent candidate instead...

Or speculating that someone may call the police on Trump.