08/11/2016 11:39 AM IST | Updated 08/11/2016 2:38 PM IST

This Hilarious Video By AIB Has Handy Flirting Tips For Every Indian

Flirty Messaging League, matlab FML.

All India Bakchod/ YouTube

On Monday, the comedy collective AIB released a new video on their YouTube channel which takes on dating techniques among millennials.

The video features AIB co-founder Tanmay Bhat alongside 'Makeup Didi' Mallika Dua -- who shot to fame with her 'Shit People Say: Sarojini Nagar Edition' -- as commentators on a game show, called Flirty Messaging League. FML, geddit.

Together, the duo commentate in real-time as they observe contestants Vishal and Jiah flirt with each other.

Vishal, who neatly embodies all the stereotypes of an engineer, is played by the stand-up comic Utsav Chakraborty.

All India Bakchod/ YouTube

And Jiah, who has a weakness for douchebags, is played by Aayushi Lahiri.

All India Bakchod/ YouTube

Vishal basically plays every Indian guy.

"Manuaj" Tanmay is reporting on the turn of events from Vishal's house, while "Monica" Mallika Dua is stationed at Jiah's house.

There's also a cameo by stand-up comedian Varun Thakur playing his famous Snapchat character, the struggling actor Vicky Malhotra.

Watch the hilarious video here: