04/11/2016 9:06 AM IST | Updated 04/11/2016 9:58 AM IST

Here Is What You Need To Know About Uber's Refreshed App

The changes aim to give the user more choice and flexibility in cab-hailing.


Yesterday, Uber rolled out a huge update to its app which is likely to have an impact on the way riders use the cab hailing service. With more options for riders, the refreshed app aims to make rides easier for them. Let's take a look at what has changed.

When you open the Uber app now, you'll just see the destination, with your location being the pickup point by default. Once you have selected the destination, you'll be asked to choose from either the economy or premium category. The economy option comprises UberPool, UberGo and Uber X, while premium offers a choice of UberBlack or Uber SUV. The rider will see the estimated fare to the destination below each option.

If you are taking the cab to meet someone, the app will now make it easier for you to reach there. Users can sync their phone contacts list with the app and select someone when hailing a cab. The app will send an alert to that person, requesting them to share their location. This is a handy feature that will take away the hassle of calling and texting friends.

The app will also suggest shortcuts based on frequently visited places. By default, three options will be displayed on the home screen. The Verge reported that in the coming weeks, users will be able to sync their calanders with the app and will be able to see shortcuts to destinations, based on the location of their meetings.

Uber has also introduced something called UberFeed to make the in-ride experience better. This involves integrations with other apps such as Yelp, Pandora, Snapchat and more. In selected cities, you will be able to see the review of the restaurants you are going to and even order food before you reach there. Pandora will let you stream the songs you have on your playlist and Snapchat will give you exclusive filters.

Overall, the new update is quite sleek but users are likely face hindrances in the initial few days. For instance, if you want to change your pickup point you'll need to click on the 'where to' button and change it to the place you want to be picked up at, or -- if you are arranging the ride for another person -- to that person's pickup location.

Recently, Uber has also introduced self driving cars in Pittsburgh.