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All 29 SIMI Members Were Planning To Escape Bhopal Jail On Diwali: Reports

Urdu scrawls in register, key imprints on soap bars suggest a larger escape plan.

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The eight activists of the banned Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) who escaped from the Bhopal Central Jail on 31 October and were killed in a police encounter, may not have been the only ones planning to flee the prison, new reports suggest.

The Hindustan Times reported that the eight men who first escaped from Block B of the prison may have been planning to free other SIMI members who were in Block A. But reportedly, their plan failed, as a couple of jail guards saw them flee.

One guard was killed in the encounter.

The report suggests that the eight SIMI members had used ingenious methods such as nondescript scrawls in Urdu on registers as messages and imprints of keys on soap bars, to plan their escape. HT added that a message that said, "We are coming on Deepawali" was found scribbled on a common register, along with 17 key imprints by officers probing the jailbreak.

The eight men who climbed the prison walls and tried to escape were killed in an encounter mid-morning in Ithkhedi village on the outskirts of Bhopal. They had reportedly used the sharp edges of prison plates and glasses to slash the throat of head warder Ramshankar Yadav and killed him.

The post-mortem report of the eight men showed multiple entry and exit bullet wounds in their bodies. A majority of the wounds were above the waist.

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