01/11/2016 1:20 AM IST

Donald Trump In 2007: 'We're Supposed To Call Them Women, But They're Girls To Me'

WASHINGTON ― Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump once complained that the people paying him for speeches wanted to torment him with beautiful women.

A clip uploaded to YouTube in 2007 shows Trump taking the stage amid confetti as young people wearing tank tops jump up and down around him in excitement. He seems to appreciate the spectacle. 

“What I’m gonna ask is that the guys leave the stage immediately,” Trump says in the clip, to laughs and cheers from the crowd. “The girls ― we’re supposed to call them women, but they’re girls to me ― the girls, you can stay the entire speech.” He then tells the men to “get the hell out.”

An adult education firm called The Learning Annex paid Trump millions for a series of speeches in the mid-2000s, including this one.

“The Learning Annex is made up of very, very smart people,” he says next. “They wanna torment me by having these beautiful women here. They wanna torment me.”

The presence of women at Trump’s Learning Annex speeches was something the business mogul had apparently noticed before. 

“They always have beautiful women over here, and I’m sitting up making this speech and I can’t stand it,” he continues. “Girls, get off the stage right now. You’ll get me in trouble.”

Trump said that he couldn’t resist grabbing and kissing beautiful women in a 2005 clip that emerged earlier this month. He brushed off his remarks as “locker room banter.”

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has criticized her opponent for disrespecting women throughout his career. Trump has repeatedly said nobody has more respect for women than he does, and that all the women claiming he sexually assaulted them are liars. 

In a different Learning Annex speech in 2007, Trump asked a woman to join him onstage and related an anecdote about hiring an unqualified teenager because he thought she was good-looking. He described his obsession with beautiful women as his own personal form of alcoholism.