28/10/2016 10:45 AM IST | Updated 28/10/2016 12:24 PM IST

Angry Husband Yells At Baffled Firemen For Saving His Drowning Wife In Ahmedabad

Stranger than fiction.

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Lifeguard rescues drowning woman - colorful vector cartoon illustration.

The Ahmedabad Fire and Emergency Services (AFES) deployed at the Sabarmati Riverfront were in a quandary on Thursday. When a team led by fireman Bharat Mangela foiled a woman's suicide bid, her angry husband allegedly lambasted them for saving her.

"The husband quizzed us with whose permission did we foil his wife's suicide bid. He even clicked our pictures and threatened that he would deal with us later," Mangela told Times of India.

The 37-year-old woman reportedly took the extreme step because of a marital discord. She told the police that her husband accused her of cheating on him. They have two children together.

The husband, who owns a CNG pump, allegedly arrived at the spot, after being informed of his wife's suicide attempt, and shouted at the firemen for saving his wife.

"He refused to listen that it was our duty to save lives," said Mangela.