27/10/2016 10:31 AM IST | Updated 27/10/2016 11:23 AM IST

With Paint 3D, Microsoft Adds A New Dimension To Its Popular Drawing App

You can import 3D images of real-world objects around you to the drawing board.

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Megan Saunders, Microsoft general manager of HoloLens and other emergent technologies announces Microsoft's

Most of us first began drawing arbitrary figures in the digital form thanks to Mircosoft's Paint app. Yesterday, the company announced a new and improved version of Paint, called Paint 3D, that will enhance creativity in three dimensions.

Paint 3D will be a part of the Windows 10 Creator update that was announced by Microsoft yesterday. The update will be rolled out to all Windows 10 users next year.

With Paint 3D, Microsoft hopes to inspire more creativity among users by enabling the making of 3D digital art easily with the aid of the mouse, keyboard, stylus, or even touch.

Microsoft has also made an app for importing real world objects into Paint 3D. This app will capture images of objects around you and send it to the Paint app. The app will be available for Android, iOS, and Windows phone.

The company also announced the formation of a community called remix3d where artists can share their creations. Microsoft has partnered with SketchUp for support with the three-dimensional models.

Microsoft said that currently Paint has over 100 million monthly active users. Besides Paint 3D, the company announced the launch of a new VR headset for windows, a new Surface book, and a new Surface desktop, called Mircosoft Surface Studio.

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