25/10/2016 5:46 PM IST | Updated 26/10/2016 9:19 PM IST

These Photos Of Flying Kittens Are What You Need Right Now

Seth Casteel

Photographer Seth Casteel wants more people to adopt cats. His plan is simple yet genius: take really cute pictures of cats. And, when possible, really cute pictures of cats mid-air.

Casteel’s recent photography book, titled “Pounce,” features adorable felines flying through the atmosphere, sure to land on their feet. His subjects ― whose names include Chicken, Fuzzbucket and Petunia ― were referred to Casteel by shelters in the U.S. and Canada. All are either available for adoption or were just recently rescued.

From the photos, however, the cats seem more likely to rescue you, soaring through the air like furry little superheroes. 

Seth Casteel

Casteel got his start in the pet photography field back in 2007 while volunteering at local animal shelters. He was compelled to learn how to take the cutest possible pictures of creatures to give them the best possible shot at finding a home. Almost 10 years later, Casteel has a bestselling photography book to his name, and is likely responsible for innumerable animals finding happy homes. 

Whether or not you consider yourself a cat person, if you have a beating heart you will get a kick out of these little kittens as they fly through the air, paws flailing. It just doesn’t get much cuter than this. 

The 80 photographs that make up “Pounce” are available in book form on Casteel’s website, along with his other previous compendiums.