26/10/2016 10:13 AM IST | Updated 26/10/2016 1:25 PM IST

Arshad Khan, The Chaiwala Who Went Viral, Gets A Stunning Makeover On A Pakistani TV Show

Piping hot.

Good Morning Pakistan/ Facebook

Quick recap: Couple of weeks ago, Pakistani photographer Jiah Ali was on a photo walk in an Islamabad market when she came across a guy selling tea in one corner.

She posted his photograph on her Instagram account and the "hot" chaiwala became an Internet sensation.

Soon after his photo went viral on social media platforms, 18-year-old Arshad Khan was signed as a model by the online retailer, in Islamabad.

It didn't stop there. On Tuesday, Khan appeared on Pakistan's popular TV show, Good Morning Pakistan, all decked up.

And did what he does best.

The show gave him a makeover.

And the results were 🔥🔥🔥

We say, the suit suits him.

Oh BTW, he rocked a sherwani too.

And looked dapper.

You can watch his complete interview here:

The temperature right now.

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