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India Has The Highest Number Of People Helping Out Strangers, Says World Giving Index

Myanmar is the most generous country on Earth.

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While Myanmar is the most generous country in the world, according to the World Giving Index released by the U.K.-based Charities Aid Foundation, India is ranked 91 among the 140 nations surveyed, but with highest number of people helping out strangers, donating money and volunteering time.

Myanmar, the most generous country for three years running, was followed by the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Canada, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Ireland, and the United Arab Emirates, the international charity has found.

The survey found that the highest level of generosity came from conflict-ridden nations such as Iraq and Libya, and earthquake-hit Nepal, while only five of the G20 appear in the top 20 of the World Giving Index. The survey also found that Africa is the continent with the biggest increase in generosity in 2015.

"The generosity of people, even in countries suffering from disaster and turmoil, is truly humbling. It's amazing that more than half the people in the world said they helped a stranger," John Low, Chief Executive of the Charities Aid Foundation, said in a statement. "Unconditional gifts of time and money are a life changing force for good in the world."

Despite suffering devastating conflict, the survey found Iraqis to be the most generous people in the world, with 81 percent of the population helping out a stranger. Meanwhile India has the highest number of people who helped out a stranger, with 401 million participating this way in 2015, which is 43 percent of the population (up from 37 percent in 2014).

The survey also found that 203 million Indians had donated money in 2015, the highest in absolute numbers, while Myanmar had the highest participation with 91 percent of the population donating money.

"India's modest two percentage point increase in those participating in donating money translates to 16.8 million extra people participating in this activity. In contrast, China's modest decrease of two percentage points sees a reduction of almost 26 million people donating money in the month prior to interview," the report said.

While 200 million people in India volunteered their time in 2015, the highest in absolute numbers, Turkmenistan had the highest participation with 60 percent of people volunteering their time.

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