24/10/2016 10:14 AM IST | Updated 24/10/2016 3:14 PM IST

This Woman's Gutsy Facebook Post Is A Lesson In How To Confront Sleazy Blackmailers


Taruna Aswani/ Facebook

Despite plenty of security measures, individual online accounts do get hacked into, putting the account holder's privacy and even personal safety in jeopardy. A couple of years ago, a man hacked into the iCloud accounts of female celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Kirsten Dunst, and US soccer player Hope Solo, leaking their nude photos on the Internet.

Despite being deemed 'secure', yet another online account has been hacked. Only this time it doesn't involve any celebrity.

US-based Taruna Aswani's cloud back-up was hacked and she received a blackmail threat from the hacker. But instead of buckling under the blackmailer's threats, Aswani has decided to take him head on.

In her Facebook post, Aswani states that her cloud back-up has been compromised and the hacker has written her an email, saying that the only way to keep him quiet was to "excite" him.

The hacker wrote in one of the emails, "I have nude pictures and video that belongs to you that nobody else knows it exists beside the person you sent to and it looks good like I thought." He goes on to say, "All I am saying is you want me to keep quiet on this and don't let the world (social media, work place, family and friends) know then you have to excite me."

In her post, Aswani wrote, "I am posting this and emailing you individually as my online identity has been compromised. I have in the last 24 hours received 2 emails from someone that claims to know me that has hacked into my google cloud back up."

She adds, "He has been threatening to release some private pictures and videos of me to my friends family and colleagues."

Aswani explains why she decided to confront her blackmailer. "I choose to stand up to this man. Instead of cowering down to his requests. I do this so that other women may take a lesson to stand up to bullies and low life's like this and may get the confidence to stand up as well in case he is known to us and is targeting all of us, but we're either too scared, ashamed or clueless in how to manage or handle such situations."

In her FB post, Aswani has also attached the screenshots of two emails she has received from the hacker. She has also hired a detective to "nab the sick pervert".

Her post has received a lot of support across the social media network.

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