23/10/2016 9:45 AM IST | Updated 23/10/2016 9:59 AM IST

8-Year-Old Bengaluru Girl Sets New Guinness World Record For Most Number Of 'Forward Rolls' In An Hour

Deeksha Girish finished 2,787 rolls in one hour, which amounts to about 4.45 kilometres.

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BENGALURU -- An eight-year-old girl from Bengaluru has set a new Guinness world record by completing 2,787 forward rolls in an hour.

Deeksha Girish broke the previous record set by American Ashrita Furman in Bulgaria in 2007 with 1,330 forward rolls.

Girish impressed spectators and judges by covering a distance of almost three miles while rolling.

"She has finished 2,787 rolls in one hour. That is 4.456 kilometres and 2.767 miles in one hour," said a judge, advocate Krishna Behar.

Girish was guided by her coach Baswaraj. According to him, she had been practicing for the attempt for the last year-and-a-half.

"I feel very happy to break this record," said an elated Girish.

The forward roll is one of the most basic elements in gymnastics.

Ashley Wallis of the United Kingdom (video below) currently holds the record for most forward rolls in a minute.

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