22/10/2016 12:09 PM IST | Updated 22/10/2016 1:00 PM IST

Bigg Boss Contestant Priyanka Jagga Urinates In Her Pants On National TV As Part Of Task

'Khana peena' takes a new meaning inside the Bigg Boss house.


As tasks go, the reality show Bigg Boss has seen some seriously weird one. Contestants have had to immerse themselves in tubs filled with cow dung, get their hair shaved into mohawks and dress up as toddlers. On Friday, when four contestants were put on a rocking horse and made to gulp down water at regular intervals, one decided to empty her bladder on national television rather than lose the task.

Motormouth contestant Priyanka Jagga urinated in her pants when the pressure of drinking large volumes of water while rocking a toy horse for a couple of hours straight, got too much for her. Her act actually won her team the task, as opponents bowed out one by one.


Riding alongside her, Navin Prakash from her own team, and Bani and Gaurav Chopra from the opposing one, decided not to pee on camera and stepped off their horses when it got unbearable. Bani and Gaurav has a low-voiced discussion with their teammates, toying with the idea, before deciding against it.

Priyanka's teammates rushed to hand her a towel as the camera zoomed in on the urine flowing down the side of the horse.

With their win, the team of non-celebrities continued to maintain the upper hand, being the "masters" of the house who had the power to make the team of celebrities do their daily bidding.

Things took an interesting turn when Priyanka asked Bani, her regular sparring partner, to wash her urine-soaked pants later.

The episode obviously shocked quite a few people who regularly watch the show.

But an unperturbed Priyanka said she's here to win for her kids and will do anything it takes to be crowned the winner of season 10.